BaconMaster's favorite games (much like Zelario96) are the classics. His favorite game developer is Nintendo but does not shy away from play games by other developers. He enjoys playing video-games, watching anime, and video editing. His hobbies are gaming, video editing, and critiquing shows. BaconMaster aspires to be a developer at a major game company.


Zelario96's favorite games are usually the older ones. His favorite game developer is Nintendo and The Legend of Zelda is by far his favorite video-game series. Zelario96 also enjoys watching anime, reading, and (good) movies. His hobbies include web design, gaming, and drawing. . He aspires to one day travel the world.


ZeldaMaster enjoys all games of all genres,as long as they are fun. His favorite game franchise is, you guessed it, The Legend of Zelda. He enjoys watching anime, playing video-games, reading, and playing Monster Hunter. When ZeldaMaster Gets older he aspires to be an old man.

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